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One of the first questions asked by beneficiaries is how will going to work affect my Social Security benefits. Work incentives are available to ease the transition from benefits to independence and financial stability. Depending on the type and the amount of benefit (SSDI or SSI) you are receiving, you can attempt to return to work and find the right job for you without losing your eligibility for benefits. You may also maintain your Medicare benefits for up to eight years and may have the option to purchase Medicaid if your earnings are too high. Check out these websites for more information.

Pathways partners with Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) to provide Work Incentive and Benefits Counseling to clients. DRO will provide a written summary of your benefits and how your earnings will affect your benefits. Some questions may be answered in the Benefits Information Sheets below.


New Clients

1)    The first step in the process of connecting with Pathways is to request a Benefits Planning Query through Social Security. This form reflects the information contained in the Social Security data base and unaudited annual salary history. Complete both copies of the two release forms number 3288.


For more information on the Benefits Planning Query, please Click Here.

2)    3) As partners with Disability Rights we will refer you to a Community Work Incentive Coordinator who provides counseling on the impact of earnings on Social Security benefits. Pathways will make the referral once this Intake Packet is completed and faxed or mailed to us.


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