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Thinking of returning to work? Confused about how your work earnings will affect your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits? Lots of questions come to mind and you aren’t sure where to get the answers. We may be able to help you. Returning to work begins the journey to financial independence. No more struggling to get by on very limited government benefits. You have dreams of how you want to live and are ready to set goals to achieve them. We are here to help you. The TICKET TO WORK PROGRAM is available to you if you receive SSDI or SSI benefits. In 2008 Pathways to Independence began working with SSA ticket holders to assist them in their journey to achieve financial independence. We are here to answer many of your questions and mentor you for up to five years after you return to work. Contact us for more information and let’s discuss our individualized approach to ensuring your success. Like a face-to-face approach – Call us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program is a free and voluntary program available to people ages 18 through 64 who are blind or have a disability and who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

The goals of the Ticket to Work Program are to:

  • Offer beneficiaries with disabilities expanded choices when seeking service and supports to enter, re-enter, and/or maintain employment;
  • Increase the financial independence and self-sufficiency of beneficiaries with disabilities; and
  • Reduce and, whenever possible, eliminate reliance on disability benefits.
“Women in Trades” Apprenticeship Program

Pathway To Success

What are the steps to achieving success under the Ticket to Work Program?

Career Planning — What are your career goals: What choices have you made as you think about returning to work. Transferable Skills — What skills and abilities have I used in previous jobs that can be marketed to future employers regardless of industry or specific job. Goal Setting — In order to write a plan you must set both a short term (6 to 12 months) and long term (3 to 5 years). Ask the question: Where do I see myself in 5 years? Individual Work Plan (IWP) — In order to assign your Ticket to Pathways to Independence, we need to develop an IWP which defines what services we agree to provide and your responsibilities under the program. Career Work Plan — What are the steps I need to take to find a job I am interested in? Job Search: — What do I need to do in order to locate job openings? What kind of support will I receive from Pathways? Individual Marketing Profile — What are my transferable skills? What should be included in a resume? What skills do I have to sell to an employer? What if I have a break in employment? Interviewing — How do I use my Marketing Profile to sell myself to a potential employer? Job Selection — Finally, I got a job offer! Job Success — I feel better returning to work, going to work every day, and meeting new co-workers. Plus I am bringing home a paycheck. Benefits Planning and Work Incentive Information — How will work affect my Social Security Benefits? Will I lose my cash benefits immediately when I return to work? Reporting my earnings to Social Security — What and when do I have to report to Social Security? Job Accommodation — Do I need my employer to make any accommodations in order for me to perform the essential functions of the job? Professional Coaching Support — You have a coach available to you to help you adjust to your work situation and interact effectively with your co-workers and supervisor. Career Growth — Now that I have this job and am performing well, where would like I like to take my career. (Through the Ticket Program, services may be available for up to 5 years.) Financial Independence — Finally, I am off benefits and am beginning to feel financially successful.

Benefits Planning and Management

  • Benefits Planning Query – which shows current status
  • Information on Medicare and Medicaid where appropriate
  • Impact of earnings on SSDI and SSI benefit
  • Reporting income to SSA
Please visit www.choosework.net for more information.

Pathways to Independence offers expert assistance in SSDI and SSI Ticket to Work program for people with disabilities across Oregon.

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